Pinwheels & Ivy

Hosted By@SouthsideZo, @AldoSoto21 & @Matt_Enuco

A new podcast that takes the rivalry between Cubs and White Sox fans to another level. Covering both sides of the city, Pinwheels & Ivy was made for Chicago baseball addicts.

Welcome to the Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast everyone.

What’s this podcast all about? Thanks for asking!

Short answer, this will be a weekly podcast posted every Friday morning that focuses on the Cubs and White Sox and other happenings in baseball, but mainly sticking with the Chicago angle. Get it, pinwheels because the White Sox have pinwheels at their park and there’s ivy at Wrigley Field? Yeah, you get it.

No, we won’t drown you with endless minutes of reading off stats, but I will happily sit down and discuss how Kyle Schwarber was at one point the best defensive player in baseball this season.

Yes, we’ll keep you informed every week on all the big stories from both the North and South side, but we’ll sprinkle in a few more things that should deserve more attention and bring a fan’s perspective to it.

That’s the big thing here. We’re just fans talking about the teams we love, discussing the rubber, balls and the wood. Hmmm, never realized how sexual baseball is.

Plus you know, it’s just baseball, let’s not get too serious. We’re just having fun and hopefully it’s a fun listening experience for you as well.

I keep saying “we’ll” and you’re probably thinking who the other part of we is. Well, alongside me, Aldo, sup, Matt Zawaski and Matt Enuco will be hosting the Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast.

If you’ve followed Sports Mockery for a bit you should be familiar with both, but for everyone here’s a quick background on the two Matts. (Shoutout to my parents for not naming me Matt like 1 out of every 3 kids amirite?)

Matt Zawaski (Zo)

Take that Ben Zobrist, here’s the original Zo of Chicago. So, Zo over here is a White Sox fan and right now he’s probably trying to figure out where Matt Davidson lives so he can go massage his back. (This is also an invite to Matt Davidson to come on our show, we’ll keep Zo away)

I think I’m supposed to put some other generic shit in here, but I just wanted to make a joke about Zo’s creepy infatuation with Matt Davidson. It’s on par with Hawk’s love affair with Todd Frazier.

Anyway, Zo’s going to be the first voice you hear, as he’ll drive the show every week.

Matt Enuco (Nuke)

There was so many Matt’s at Sports Mockery last year, when Matt joined that he got the nickname Nuke. Not sure if he likes it or not, but he’s stuck with it. Fun fact about Nuke, he was drafted by the White Sox!

Back in 2006, big names like Clayton Kershaw, Evan Longoria, Andrew Miller, Brandon Morrow, Tim Lincecum, Max Scherzer were drafted and so was Matt Enuco. So, I mean, that’s pretty freaking cool.

Nuke will give us the player perspective and get into some of the details of the game throughout the show, but he’s a fan too and let me tell you, he may only be in his 30s, but Nuke has a little, “this new generation sucks,” in him and well that should make for some very lively discussions.

Aldo Soto

And then there’s me. Pretty uninteresting. I’m a Cubs fan, have been since 1998 and yes it was because of Sammy Sosa. (Bring him home already, Tom Ricketts) Anyway, I guess I’m bringing the Cubs perspective to the show and if you haven’t noticed by now I’m a sarcastic jackass, so hopefully that gets Zo riled up every week.

I’ve used anyway way too much, so hopefully the transitions in the show are A LOT better than in this post.

The three of us want to make this podcast as interactive as possible. Any suggestions, topic ideas, questions? Let us know!

That also means we want to hear all the good, but most importantly all the bad. You think some segments need some work, or just flat out don’t work? Tell us. We want this to be enjoyable and not just put out a crappy hour every week.

So, it’s time to tell all your friends and family to subscribe on iTunes and on Google Play and every other podcast app you may use.

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